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TOP 5: Hot Pregnant Celebrity Looks

TOP 1: Angelina Jolie: looking glamorous in her flowing green dress by Max Azria. Her wrist is covered by designer Bulgari. TOP 2: Jennifer Lopez: proudly shows her baby bump by wearing a flowing full length white dress designed by Roberto Cavalli. TOP 3: Camila Alves: Pregnancy doesn’t stop Camila Alves to follow current trends. Camila Alves wears Isabelle [...]


TOP 5 Celebrity Mourning Outfits

Designer Vivienne Westwood at Yves St-Laurent’s funerals. Donatella Versace and her children at her brother’s burial Gianni Versace. The Jackson sisters at the funeral tribute of Michael. Jackie at John Kennedy’s funerals. At Heath Ledger’s funerals, his wife Michelle Williams and his sister Kate Ledger went for lighter and less traditional mourning outfit.


Madonna: A Pin-Up Story

In my opinion, Madonna is the most influential artist of my generation (80’s -90’s). She managed to set her own fashion trends. Sometimes blond, sometimes brunette, she incarnated different styles, that all had one thing in common: the provocative factor. Corset, lingerie, bodies, high heels, fish nets, Madonna likes everything sexy which makes me think [...]


TOP 5: Contest – Whose foot is that?

Here is the moment of the week that you impatiently awaiting! ( taratata tata!! ) The TOP 5! Well, since we started the week talking about stars and feet, then why not do a TOP 5 on star's feet! I prepared for you a little game, I was in a fun mood today!


TOP 5 Classic Fashion Icons

If you are a fashion freak like me, and you sleep at night thinking of what you're going to wear the next day, then you'll surely realize that you have developed a style of your own. It becomes natural to hear your girlfriends tell you things like: "this is REALLY your style!".


My Top 5 Flower Dresses (French)

Look créé par Patricia Field (styliste de Sex in the city). Immense fleur de soie blanche et or fixé sur une robe de soirée vintage. Le look est si réussit et question fleur, on peut dire que nous sommes servi avec cette fleur qu’on ne peut pas manquer. C’est dans cette allure que j’aimerai prendre l’avion pour ma lune de miel...

Lemeac Restaurant

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