In 2006 Canadian designers Shawna and Randi Herlich started their collection based on the philosophy that :”The left hand is reserved for the misters, but the right hand is reserved for the sisters”. Their idea has always been to  Empower women to purchase their own casual “fine’ jewelry without having to ask or wait  …… for “him”
On a deeper level, their philosophy is to empower women to feel confident, independent -powerful~

Today, Billie is proud to work with the 2 sisters to promote the NOBLE necklace ;

“The Right Hand Gal has created a special piece to mark their commitment to the “Anti-Bullying” cause! This unique piece has been pointedly named Noble©, a play on the phrase “No Bull” and a call to action for people of all ages to stand up against bullies. Every pendant is individually engraved with a different number on the back. These numbers are very significant because… in this army of goodwill…you’re not just another number…. You’re the only number…and your number counts”! This charm can be worn in a variety of ways…… as a necklace, as a charm, or wrapped around as a bracelet… “Wrap this piece any way you like it, as long as you wrap it around your heart”! A portion of the profits go to various anti-bullying initiatives worldwide.”

Each piece

Be a part of the Army! Come and see at Billie!