Véronique Saine is continually seeking new lines that could interest her clientele. The minute it opened, Billie became a Journalist’s darling boutique.

Billie received media coverage which helped create a certain infatuation with sought after clientele.

Billie shines through with its excellent customer service, special styles and articles which are meticulously chosen, sophisticated looks created to adapt to different morphologies and of course with their most attentive and devoted staff.

The purely refined décor, its soft colors, its wood combined with satin in the dressing rooms, the warm lighting, the manner in which the merchandise is spread out give the impression of a walk in which is unique. Billie on line has been created three years after opening on Laurier Street to benefit our clientele and to develop new potentials. This will enable our customers to shop from the comfort of their living-room whenever and from wherever they happen to be.

On the site you will find exclusive products and also items found on Laurier Street. The site also offers personalized shopping possibilities. You can discover items before everyone else. You can also be part of our “Club privilège” which offers a multitude of advantages.

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