NOBLE = NO BULL, By the Right Hand Gal

NOBLE = NO BULL, By the Right Hand Gal

In 2006 Canadian designers Shawna and Randi Herlich started their collection based on the philosophy that :”The left hand is reserved for the misters, but the right hand is reserved for the sisters”. Their idea has always been to  Empower women to purchase their own casual “fine’ jewelry without having to ask or wait  ……  >> Continue reading…

Explosion de Joie! (french)

Explosion de Joie! (french)

  La ligne Joie de Los Angeles offre une collection parmi laquelle on retrouve les items parfaits pour toutes occasions; On trouve le plus grand bonheur dans les cachemires réconfortants, les tops de soie imprimés sont une pure joie quotidienne et on se sent belles et sexy dans les robes cocktail. Joie!    



Fur and animal print are this seasons investment pieces! Although, if your budget doesn’t allow it, try these key items to bring out the foxy feline in you! 1.Chemise Equipment 265.00$ 2. Gants Designer Remix 110.00$ 3.  Manteau fausse fourrure Velvet 295.00$ 4.Soulier Bloch 195.00$ 5. Ceinture Nougat 60.00$        

Le carnet de vacances des Billie Girls (French)

Le carnet de vacances des Billie Girls (French)

Bien que le retour au travail s’amorce avec l’arrivée des nouvelles collections, nous avons encore la tête en voyage et, en attendant les arrivages de l’automne, nous vous présentons les 3 endroits qui nous ont fait craquer cet été! Kennebunkport, Maine On a aimé : La mer et le Homard On a mangé : Pier  >> Continue reading…

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

There have been an increased number in wedding photographers as many photography enthusiasts have learned all about the trade and have actually become much better in the art of wedding photography than many who have actually been in this type of business for a long time. The advantage of photography enthusiasts is that photography is not their primary means of income and that it is only something they do in their pastime wherein they get to earn money by doing something they love doing.

Wedding photography is an art and not all those who are good in photography will be able to do well in wedding photography. This is because wedding event scenes happen spontaneously and many parts of the event cannot be planned ahead for as you can be caught off guard once the moment you were planning ahead for suddenly takes place. Instead of planning ahead, being prepared for whatever events that transpires will allow you to better capture the moments in time.

Not all photographers will do great in wedding photography. If you are planning to hire a professional wedding photographer for that once-in-a-lifetime event in your life, you need to choose your wedding photographer properly. Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring your wedding photographer:

  1. Sample Images of their Work – since many Photographer Credits to Emily Exon Calgary have blogs and social media pages, you can get to view sample images of their work showcased in their web blog and/or social media page. If there are very few photos being showcased, then maybe that is all the good pictures they really have. It is important that they should be able to showcase quite a number of wedding pictures covering different parts of a wedding event.
  2. Work Experience – experience plays a great role on how skilled and capable a wedding photographer can be. It is through experience that they are able to anticipate important moments in a wedding celebration which allows them to perfectly capture such moments during the event.
  3. Pricing – as the saying goes in wedding photography, you get what you pay for. If you hire a photographer that has very low service fee pricing, be sure not to expect much from the results as you will likely be disappointed. If you hire those in the mid-level pricing, you can expect a bit of artistry, but not too much to be worthy of magazine-quality. The best pricing will be from highly sought after and highly regarded wedding photographers and are bound to yield the best image result you can truly be proud showing off.
  4. Insurance – the wedding photographer and his crew should be properly insured so that if they accidentally incur any damages or inflict injury, as the host of the wedding celebration, you relieve yourself of any liability from what they are deemed responsible for in doing.
  5. Binding Contract – through a binding contract, you are able to make sure that they, the wedding photographer you hire, will be the one showing up to cover the wedding and not any fill-in crew who takes the place of the photographer.

Introducing Marjorie as a Billie Girl -Pull out your bright color jeans!-

Marjorie, the new Billie Girl, arrived at Billie with the summer and  the new colorfull collection! We are glad to introduce her showing up the new bright color Jeans… A must have for summer 2011! About Her : Age : 22 ans Status : In a relationship how would you describe your style in one  >> Continue reading…

Inspired By : Véro Saine (french)

  Comme chaque semaine, la mission voulait que l’on vous présente une inspiration vestimentaire tendance et actuelle. Après avoir passé beaucoup trop d’heures à scruter les looks des stars sur people.com, nous en sommes venues à la conclusion que, cette semaine, Hollywood ne nous inspire pas autant que d’habitude. Et bien que les Rachel Bilson,  >> Continue reading…

Qu’est-ce que Les Cocottes nous concoctent? (french)

On ne sait pas pour vous,  mais chez Billie,  la question revient tous les midis : Qu’est-qu’on mange? Malheureusement, bien souvent, la paresse et la procrastination nous poussent à aller nous acheter un sandwich ou une salade ici et là, plutôt que de nous concocter de bons petits lunchs maison. Or, on se lasse bien  >> Continue reading…

Three Looks, Three Terraces

With summer knocking at our door, we’re tempted to sip a tall glass of sangria on a bustling, sunny terrace. So next time you’re people-watching, doing a 5 à 7 or simply taking an apéro with girlfriends, we suggest these three outfits (and three of our favorite terraces in Montreal). A whimsical ensemble perfect for  >> Continue reading…

Billie featured on Glober TV

Montreal fashion bloggers Camille Dg and Cindy Laverdière describe their experience at New York Fashion week in our store. See the video here! More on Glober.tv

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